* Preisverleihung ÖGEpi Award 2023 und Vortrag Tobias Kurth, 21.3.2024, Wien: Einladung

* Have you considered a leadership position in the International Epidemiological Association (IEA)? IEA is seeking nominations for officers, regional councilors, and early career representatives through 29 February.  Potential candidates will work regionally and globally to promote the highest quality epidemiological practice and its use to solve public health and related problems throughout the world.

Elected representatives will work on initiatives such as regional scientific conferences, advancement of the initiatives agreed to by IEA and the World Health Organization (WHO), and also promote membership/member engagement at the regional level. Elected councilors and representatives will serve for three years starting at the conclusion of the 2024 IEA World Congress of Epidemiology in Cape Town, South Africa. Terms will end at the con­clusion of the 2027 World Congress of Epidemiology in Latin America.

Interested candidates should submit a relevant CV, a summary of their activities in IEA or related national epidemiological societies and statement of their vision for IEA to membership@ieaweb.org by 29 February. Additional information and details can be found online: https://ieaweb.org/IEAWeb/News/2024_call_for_candidates.aspx?WebsiteKey=0cbca790-c9e7-4e47-a9e0-8a59a7fad611